Empowering Black Communities
to Shape their Electric Mobility Future

What is Electric Black Futures?

Electric Black Futures (EBF) is a transformative project that empowers Black communities to shape their electric mobility future.

Over the next three years, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, EVNoire, Clean Cities Georgia, and a host of local partners will utilize Department of Energy funding to ensure Black communities within three Georgia cities – Albany, Atlanta, and Savannah – are actively engaged and empowered to create and deploy equitable, accessible, electric mobility initiatives and inform and support deployment of electric transportation-related BIL and IRA funds in line with Justice40 guidelines.

EBF will work closely with communities in Albany, Savannah, and Atlanta to generate future-building coalitions focused on bridging e-mobility workforce and leadership opportunities. Our objective is to strategize and document equitable and innovative transportation systems in these dynamic geographies, and better connect Justice40 benefits to community leaders eager to lead technological developments in their areas.

Our Goals

Co-create community-centered electric mobility plans that connect Black communities to federal funding and clean energy jobs and addresses the disproportionate environmental and transportation burdens that impacts Black communities’ social and economic well-being

Empower Black communities to envision and lead their electric mobility futures through their lens and imagination using Afrofuturism– a culturally-relevant future scoping methodology that centers the lived experiences of Black people in technological innovation.

Address and bring awareness to the underrepresentation of Black workers and thinkers in the clean energy labor force and finds pathways for upward mobility and economic empowerment through green jobs and entrepreneurship.

Electric Black Futures is committed to driving change and building a more equitable and sustainable electric mobility future for all!

To stay in contact with project organizers, email [email protected].

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